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After completing a Fine Art Degree Rob Leighton worked under the guidance of sculptor Stuart Osborne from 1975 to 1979.


Like Stuart, Rob creates both figurative sculpture (from life and imagination) as well as more abstract sculptures. The abstract work can be a response to an idea, memories and reminiscence of natural and man-made forms, or simply forms found within the irregular block being carved at the time. In the latter case, the forms are arrived at intuitively, crystallising as the work progresses.

Rob uses a range of media: Figurative work is usually cast after being modelled in clay. whilst more abstract sculptures are most often carved prior to being coated in polyurea and or Jesmonite. These can be moulded and cast into a range of materials.The works are patinated in a variety of finishes in order to enhance the forms. 


Rob produces all sculptures in the traditional manner of modelling or carving but also employs modern technology which allows for any sculpture to be replicated to any size and in a variety of materials. The choice of both technology (3D Printing, laser scanning, CNC production) and materials (Extruded high density polystyrene, water based resins, polyurea, foundry cast metal) is very wide. Each will have implications as to the eventual price of a piece of sculpture. 


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                     Rob Leighton, Sculptor

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